Welcome to the next generation of Dietary Software

PRIME Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the development of a new program, eTableServ, a touch screen menu application that can be customized to your nursing and/or assisted living community’s dietary needs. eTableServ’s clean, crisp, user-friendly design makes tracking menu cards and resident’s meal choices as easy as tapping your finger!

Not only can eTableServ allow you to record and print resident meal orders more efficiently, it also provides your residents with more choices thus allowing them to feel more at home while dining. This program is specifically designed to allow staff to select from a specified menu adapted to the resident’s dietary requirements and needs whether it is at their tableside or bedside. Once their order is placed, a simple touch of a button will print their respective tray tickets wirelessly to the kitchen.

Key features of eTableServ

Resident Specific Menus

Menus displaying only the items the resident is allowed to receive with consideration for diet orders, allergies, intolerances and dislikes.

Allergy and Dislike Warnings

Identifies and takes into account resident dietary restrictions, allergies and intolerances.

Always Served

Residents can choose from a list of always available items filtered based on their diet order and preferences.


Add "To Go" or "Add On" Flags to your tray tickets.

Serve at Time

Schedule your tray tickets for certain times of the day


Add a guest on to any meal along with keeping a census of meals served.

eTableServ part of the Dietech Family

Dietech is an all-encompassing software program for the Dietary department. It handles all your department's needs and then some. The user friendly program gives you control of your purchasing, expenses, production, labor and clinical needs. Dietech software is always evolving to meet the changing needs and regulations of our users. Dietech is a true asset to any Food Service department in an assisted living, acute care, continuing care retirement community and skilled nursing facility.

eTableServ is part of the Dietech application and is a touch friendly menu application that can be customized to your nursing and/or assisted living community’s dietary needs. Wirelessly print menu selections and tray tickets from any location in your building with a tablet.
  • Identifies and takes into account resident dietary restrictions, allergies and intolerances.
  • Creates a more efficient method for taking meal orders thus reducing time spent collecting orders.
  • Allows for greater accuracy in meal choices desired by residents.
  • Reduces and/or eliminates the need for paper menus that may not be up to date and are a source for germs.
  • A great marketing tool for attracting new residents as well as employees to your facility.
  • For more information please visit www.eTableServ.com

PRIME Services, Inc.

Since 1983, PRIME Services, Inc. has been helping Long-Term Healthcare Facilities, Assisted Living Communities, Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Schools, Correctional Facilities, Hotels and Motels to save money on the goods and services which are purchased every day.

The cornerstone of PRIME is our Group Purchasing Program. On behalf of over 4000 members, we are able to obtain better pricing for products and services than what an individual organization would be able to achieve.

Value Added Services
  • Free Membership: Join PRIME's Group Purchasing Program today without cost or obligation.
  • In-Service Training: To educate the operators staff on how to use PRIME's Group Purchasing Agreements at no charge.
  • Free Cost Saving Analysis: We can evaluate the prices you are paying and make recommendations on ways to reduce costs.
  • Free Software with Commitment: With a commitment to use PRIME's Suppliers that are under agreement, we provide at no charge, software to assist in ordering and inventory control.
  • Free On-Line Ordering Assistance: Assistance at no charge to use our on-line ordering system that provides cost tracking, management reports and more.
  • Customer Assistance: Where you may experience a problem with a supplier that is in PRIME's Portfolio of Agreements, we will intervene on your behalf when requested, to correct and resolve any issues.
  • Find out more about eTableServ and all of its benefits to your company!

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